• Minoo Taghavi

    Minoo Taghavi

    “Hi ! My name pronunciation is mee-noo.”- Now that just sounds fun.

  • Eboni Lee

    Eboni Lee

    Neuroscientist. Data Scientist. Hoping to use data to make the world a better place (& to tell me what movies I should watch next).

  • Benjamin Dornel

    Benjamin Dornel

    Data professional with a background in tech marketing & consulting. Portfolio: benjamindornel.com

  • Jeff Hale

    Jeff Hale

    I write about data science. Join my Data Awesome mailing list to stay on top of the latest data tools and tips: https://dataawesome.com

  • heyvic


  • GnomeVader


  • Jerry Efremides

    Jerry Efremides

  • Erik Kim

    Erik Kim

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